MeshIoT Advantages

Fast design delivery of hardware, hybrid networking, free software, for OEM and industrial temperature range

Building Block Design

  • software as microservice and hardware as building blocks

  • integrate OA/ERP, e.g. ZenTao and Zdoo

  • API open API for for-profit extensions and plug-ins

  • distributed computing supports cloud hosting

Multi-Access Network

  • hybrid network and no limits to communication protocols

  • Sub 1G, 2.4/5G, Broadband and Narrow Band

  • edge computing gateways with various hardware interfaces

  • PLC/single board/strong/weak current network control

Industrial Design

  • industrialtemprature range for extreme environments

  • strict burn-in testing

  • waterproof and dustproof

  • customizable metal and plastic shells

Industrial Communication Protocols

  • customize and extend protocols

  • wire and wireless communication protocols

  • physical layer media customization

  • customize middleware for software and hardware